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A Very Special Egg Gratin

How serious is Picnic Hill about food? We have a Julia Child story. (Maybe?)

If google “Egg Gratin”, you will find many dishes including classics by Jacques Pepin and Julia Child. The very special egg gratin on Picnic Hill’s menu is built around one of these classics and comes with an interesting, if, unverifiable pedigree. Egg Gratin Loute is a French lunch staple involving layers of hard-boiled egg, anchovies, Bechamel, and sautéed mushrooms. Believe me, it is as heavy as it sounds and tastes amazing. Our very special egg gratin is a lighter version of that dish. We start off with cream sauce built with butter and vermouth, add a layer of gruyere, followed by scrambled eggs, topped with a mushroom cream sauce and finished with more gruyere. A perfectly light and flavorful brunch item.

Where does Julia Child come in? The Chef teaching us this dish told us she got this recipe from a woman who (allegedly) got it from Julia Child after attending a dinner that Julia Child cooked for the French Ambassador back in the 1970s (supposedly). So, Picnic Hill is serious enough about food to possibly, maybe, have our own Julia Child connection.

Egg Gratin | Picnic Hill Market Cafe

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