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Wine Beer Cheese


The “Story Teller” from PradoRey is a unique white wine made from 100% Tempranillo grapes.  Initial ageing on the lees of Verdejo grapes, then ageing 9 months in American oak barrels, contributes to the character of this fantastic wine.  Low intensity steely yellow in color. Ripe notes of white and stone fruit with balsamic notes of vanilla and fresh wood on the nose. Balanced silky and ample mouthfeel with a moderate balanced acidity.  Great persistence, with notes of ripe stone fruit and wood on the finish. Goes great with fish like salmon, white meats, roast meats or as a dessert


You will discover the cheese case will have a large selection of cheeses in several categories to include Blues, Semi Hard, Hard, Soft ripened, and Semi-Soft


Blue cheese is a general classification of cheese that have cultures of the mold Penicillium added so that the final product is spotted or veined throughout with blue mold. This carries a distinct smell, either from that or various specially cultivated bacteria. Some blue cheeses are injected with spores before the curds form, and others have spores mixed in with the curds after they form. Blue cheeses are typically aged in a temperature-controlled environment such as a cave. Blue cheese can be eaten by itself or can be spread, crumbled or melted into or over a range of other foods.

The characteristic flavor of blue cheeses tends to be sharp and salty.

Typically, semi-hard cheeses are aged anywhere between one and six months depending on type. Buttery, sweet, rich. Having aged less than half a year, semi-hard cheeses are characterized by their relatively mild taste and aroma. Cheddar. Gouda. Havarti. Gruyère, Baby Swiss, Colby, Emmentaler, Fontina, Menonita, and Gruyere.

Hard cheese is cheese that is aged longer, and thus, has a lower moisture content. Being firm—harder—is what makes it a hard cheese. They’re dry and often crumbly. Many of them can be enjoyed by themselves, but being firmer in texture and sharper in taste, they are great when grated for pasta, salads, soups, and more.  Hard cheeses include Parmigiano-reggiano, Asiago Cotija, Dry Jack, Ricotta Salata, and Pecorino Romano, and Gorgonzola.

Soft ripened means that the cheese gets softer and creamier as it ripens, and that the softness starts on the outside of the cheese and slowly makes its way inward.  That is why soft ripening, or so called mold-ripened cheeses begin to ooze just under the rind as they ripen. Brie and Cambembert are two examples. You will find Triple Cremes and Double  in this category. They have extra cream added before the curd is formed. At least by French law, a double cream has 60% – 75% butterfat.

Semi Soft Cheeses are made in such a way that the curds remain large and therefore retain a lot of the whey, or liquid. This creates a high moisture cheese.  This category includes Monteray Jack and Colby.